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Choir Photo at Bankfield Museum

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As discussed at rehearsal on 14th February, we have been invited to have photos of the choir included in an exhibition at Bankfield Museum. We are unable to submit the current choir photo so Lesley has made the following arrangements. If you weren’t at choir on the 14th and would like to be involved in the photo shoots please see Kathie or Lesley.

Dear Singers
Here is the information for the Bankfield Photo as discussed last night.
Group 1 Saturday 10 March at 11-15am
Group 2 Monday 12 March at 11-30am
We need to arrive at Bankfield Museum 30 minutes prior to the scheduled photo time in order to have documentation checked and to ensure that all participants have arrived.
We need to be in uniform and bring the signed and completed media consent form. I have printed these off and will bring them to rehearsal in due course. I will also do an instruction sheet to go with it for everyone who is attending.
Best wishes